Ed Heldoorn

International Technical Procurement


This is your first step to successful Asian / European business.
Ed Heldoorn International Technical Procurement supports industrial companies with commercial and technical services.

Ed Heldoorn is very experienced in international technical procurement and sales, offering services in projects where both European and Chinese companies are involved. Due to the wide scope of knowledge and experience in various projects in the role as process- and projectmanager Ed Heldoorn developed a strong network of businesses in Europe and east Asian countries.
The  core experience is in the field of metal parts and tooling for automotive-, mechatronical-, semiconductor- and energy systems. In these kind of projects Ed Heldoorn has the knowledge and experience to support you and get the most out of it for your business. Basically there are 3 fields of activities where we can help you getting more revenues from your business:
  1. Project- and process management and Procurement in China and Malaysia
  2. Manufacturing and Supply of Parts, Products, Assemblies and Systems out of far east
  3. Tooling / / Dies for (automotive) sheet metal parts  and tools  / dies for high pressure die casted parts and plastic injection moulded parts.

At the page references you can find a tracklist with samples of projects Ed Heldoorn did before
If you are interested to investigate possibilities for future co-operation, feel free to contact Ed Heldoorn. I am ready to help you make your business even more successful.